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Release Notes
Qimera 2.6.2
December 20, 2023
Multibeam processing made easy.

Additional Software

FMGT 7.11.1
February 21, 2024


It is recommended the new QPS Geodetics Package 4.0 be installed before Qinsy 9.6 and Qimera 2.6

Qimera 2.6.2 is out now, with Mac & Linux versions!

  • Improvements to autozoom in the Patch and Wobble tools
  • GSF import will now auto-detect the source datum
  • Filter preview in the Slice Editor

FMGT 7.11.1 is available now, including Mac & Linux versions!

  • Improved anti-aliasing filtering
  • Fixed an issue with the cascading backscatter normalization tool color map not using the mosaic color map
  • Fixed a crash when exporting a tiled mosaic as a surface or floating point geotiff

Qimera 2.6.0 is available now!

  • New Filter Dock
  • Filter by System
  • Filter Preview
  • Grid name changes

Other Notes:

  • FMGT projects created in previous versions (version 7.10.3 or earlier) will need to manually have the Adjust flag cleared to continue with new processing, such as Mosaic, Statistics / Grid, or ARA layers.
  • The Linux versions of Qimera 2.0 (and newer) will not work with the Unity graphical shell (commonly used in Ubuntu 16.04 and previous).
  • Qimera 2.0 (and newer) requires the latest QPS Geodetic Package (3.0.0 and newer) in order to work with Qinsy geodetics.
  • Qimera 2.0 uses the same licensing system as the previous versions (1.6 and newer).  Existing Qimera users with a license that is under maintenance will be able to install and run Qimera 2.0 alongside Qimera 1, using the same license.
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