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Qinsy is a survey planning, acquisition, and real-time hydrographic data processing solution, supporting a wide variety of industries, from simple single beam surveys to complex offshore construction works.

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Simply put, there is no job that Qinsy can't handle. It has the features and capabilities to meet any client demand. And with stability that is well-known and renowned throughout the industry, clients can feel assured they have a reliable software to ensure even the most difficult jobs through to completion.

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Qinsy is a robust and capable survey acquisition and real-time QC platform. It enables us to collect, integrate, and monitor a series of complex sensors, to keep our projects running efficiently.
Chris McHugh, Technical Manager
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Hydrographic data processing, analysis, and validation made simple.

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The leading interactive 4D geo-spatial processing and analysis tool.

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Rapid and automated ENC production from high resolution bathymetry.

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Precise piloting with under-keel clearance and real-time information updates.

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Measured & Proven

Multi-object support
Precisely track the position of multiple defined objects in support of dredging and marine construction applications.

Multi-sensor acquisition
Acquire data from multiple sensors simultaneously.

Sensor type support
Singlebeam, multibeam, laser, side scan sonar, magnetometer, seismic support, and sub bottom profiling.

Positioning and filtering
Multiple inputs (e.g. GPS, INS, tide, USBL, draft, etc.) for real-time positioning in 3D. Can be used in a Kalman filter.

Real-time processing
Real-time processing of point clouds, bathymetric grids, and side scan sonar mosaics for optimal qa/qc and rapid "at-the-dock" product delivery.

Real-time displays
Navigation display (layers: ENC, DXF/DWG, Geotiff ECW) multibeam displays, Numerics, profile display, and 3D displays.

Autonomous support
Autonomous vessel support with mission planning, intelligent auto-line generation, and remote display and control.

Dredging support
Setup applications, object configuration, monitoring, visualization, safety precautions, and reporting tools for dredging.

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