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    Software Evaluation Agreement

    Articles of agreement.

    QPS agrees to provide You, and You agree to accept for its own use, QPS software in accordance with the Terms and Conditions that follow. You acknowledges having read, understood and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions.

    This Agreement sets forth the entire Agreement and understanding of the parties relating to the subject matter herein. Except as expressly incorporated herein, any and all previous or collateral agreements, negotiations, proposals, promises and conditions relating to the subject matter of this Agreement are superseded by this Agreement.

    1. General
    a. Neither the Agreement nor any provision of it may be amended, modified or waived except by a written document signed by an authorized representative of each of the parties.
    b. This Agreement is not assignable by either party without the prior written approval of the other.

    2. Delivery, Return and Delays
    a. QPS will not be liable for any delay in delivery of Products or in performance of Services due to causes beyond the control of QPS.
    b. On or before the loan expiration, which expires 30 days from date of issue, or sooner, should termination of this Agreement occur, You shall return the hardware dongle, if provided, to QPS and remove our software from the evaluation computer(s).
    c. If for any reason the product (dongle, if provided) is not returned to QPS within thirty (30) days after the expiry of the agreement, the user will be required to compensate the vendor for the cost of the dongle (Euro100.-).

    3. Software Product License
    a. This Agreement permits You to use QPS software strictly for the sole purpose of evaluating the suitability of QPS software to your internal, end-use purposes.
    b. may not: (1) copy (other than for back-up purposes), distribute, rent, lease, transfer or sublicense all or any portion of our product; (2) modify or prepare derivative works of our product; (3) use our product for any productive or commercial purpose or publicly display output of our product; or (4) translate, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble our product.
    c. No title to or ownership of our Product is transferred to You.