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QPS BV does not make any warranty, express or implied, for the currentness, accuracy, and completeness of the information made vailable on our website. QPS BV does not accept any liability for any damages resulting from use or disregard of the information made available, or the use of incorrect or incomplete information unless the damages should result from demonstrably deliberate or gross neglicence on the part of QPS BV. This website is subject to change without notice. It may be changed, supplemented or deleted, partly or completely, or its publication may be interrupted or finally terminated.

In case of direct or indirect links to other websites which are outside of our responsibility QPS BV does not accept any liability for any illegal contents of these websites. QPS BV shall only be liable for illegal contents of these websites in case QPS BV demonstrably had notice of these illegal contents beforehand, and it was technically feasible and reasonable for QPS BV to prohibit the utilization in case of illegal contents. Thus QPS BV expressly declares that the linked websites were free of any illegal contents at the time the links were established. QPS BV cannot exert any influence on the current and future composition and contents of linked websites. That is why QPS BV does not accept any responsibility for the contents of linked websites that have been changed after the links were established. The aforesaid applies to all links within our own website as well as to entries of outside parties in visitor’s books, discussion forums, and mailing lists established by QPS BV. Solely the provider of the linked website shall be held responsible for any illegal, incorrect, or incomplete contents, and particularly for damages arising from use or neglect of such information.

We explicitly point out that all brand names and trademarks mentioned on our website which may be registered trademarks are subject to the respective trademark regulations and the rights of the respective registered proprietor. Mere reference herein does not imply that the brand names are not trademarked. The copyright of published objects that have been created by QPS BV, e.g. illustrations, audio and video recordings, and texts remains solely with QPS BV. No such object may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, or used in other electronic or printed publications without prior written authorization from QPS BV.


QPS BV respects your privacy and is committed to protect the personal information that you share with us. Generally, you can browse through our website without giving us any information about yourself. When we do need your personal information to provide services that you request or when you choose to provide us with your personal information, this Privacy Statement describes how we collect and use your personal information. This site contains links to other sites. QPS BV is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites. This policy is subject to change without notice.

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