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Qarto presents the utmost in simple, rapid, data-robust product production.

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Increase data throughput,

maximise port operations.

Qarto is ENC production software. Built for rapid and automated product turnaround, Qarto is the tool of choice for some of the largest ports in the world, ensuring timely products and safe operation on those busy waterways within them.

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Beyond the basics.

The strength of Qarto is very fast and automated ENC production. Qarto makes possible the short turn-around times from survey to chart that are necessary for the safe operation of busy waterways, e.g. in the Westerschelde and the Port of Rotterdam.

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Qarto specifications

Everything you need to know about Qarto is below, with regards to specifications, supported platforms, system requirements, and supported file formats.

All specifications.
Measured & Proven

ENC Production
Fast and automated port solutions for ENC production.

S-57 Editing
Bundled with Qomposer for S-57 editing of features, feature geometry, and feature validation.

High-resolution ENC product creation
ENC production with high-density bathymetric components (e.g. 10 cm contour intervals) as an accepted and proven part of the workflow.

ESRI integration
Directly integrated with ESRI as part of an ENC Production suite built on ArcGIS.

Standalone operation
Generate ENC products directly from ENC base cells and updated bathymetry.

Source file compatibility
Import source files (e.g. CAD, imagery, S-57) to be used as inputs to new ENC generation.

All specifications.

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