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The streamlined workflow from Qinsy is unmatched.
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A Paradigm Shift

in Hydrographic Data Processing

The mission of Qimera is to make hydrographic data processing as intuitive and as simple as possible, while still offering powerful capabilities to those that need them, without cluttering the workflow for those that don't.

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Beyond the basics.

Qimera ensures absolute ease of use, allowing for inexperienced personnel to easily be using Qimera while the automated and streamlined workflow effectively circumvents human error that might result otherwise. Yet still the software contains the most advanced and cutting-edge tools to ensure the highest quality products, delivered in the most timely fashion.

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Our Clients
DML were early adopters of Qimera and quite frankly we think it gives us an edge that no other software package offers.

Whether we are using it to deliver vast multi-disciplinary surveys for LINZ (New Zealand Hydrographic Authority) or combining LiDAR and MBES for engineering surveys, QIMERA helps us understand the value of what’s submerged.
Declan Stubbing, Survey Manager
Discovery Marine, Ltd
Our Clients
Dragon and Elephant Enterprise

Workflow includes:
Our Clients
Groningen Seaports

Workflow includes:
Our Clients

Workflow includes:
Our Clients
Discovery Marine Ltd

Workflow includes:
Our Clients
Inai Kiara

Workflow includes:
Our Clients

Workflow includes:
Our Clients
Fugro Seep Hunting

Workflow includes:
Our Clients
Deep BV

Workflow includes:
Our Clients

Workflow includes:
Our Clients

Workflow includes:
Our Clients
Geological Survey of Sweden

Workflow includes:
Our Clients

Workflow includes:
Our Clients
Van Oord

Workflow includes:
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Survey planning, acquisition and real-time data processing.

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The leading interactive 4D geo-spatial processing and analysis tool.

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Rapid and automated ENC production from high resolution bathymetry.

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Precise piloting with under-keel clearance and real-time information updates.

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Let's get specific.

Qimera specifications

Everything you need to know about Qimera is below, with regards to specifications, supported platforms, system requirements, and supported file formats (data shown to the left courtesy of Fugro).

All specifications
Measured & Proven

Full sonar processing
Covers all major manufacturers for any survey platform, including surface vessels, ROV, AUV, and ASV.

Point cloud processing
Includes editing, filtering, and cleaning for a wide variety of point cloud formats.

Automated data import
Rich data extraction allows for a "hands-off" data import and automatically generated vessel files.

Guided workflows
Automated suggestions of the next logical user action, to guide personnel and eliminate human error.

Processing state management
Intelligent processing management to ensure the correct sequence of post-processing actions with a single click.

Qimera Live
"Hands-off" near-real time data processing and gridding.

Qimera Midwater
Add-on for fast, accurate water-column processing for QINSy DB, Kongsberg ALL and KMALL, and Reson/Norbit S7K formats.

Backscatter processing
Add-on for seabed backscatter processing and mosaicking via Fledermaus Geocoder Toolbox.

All specifications

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