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Piloting and docking.

Qastor is a precise navigation, piloting and docking software application capable of receiving real-time meteorological information and chart updates via the Connect Server.

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A precise navigation software for piloting and docking, and with Under Keel Clearance capability and modes customized to specific, critical operations, Qastor also supports high-resolution overlays to expand navigable water, and real-time meteorological updates via the Connect Server, resulting in optimal situational awareness for pilots.

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Qastor specifications

Everything you need to know about Qastor is below, with regards to specifications, supported platforms, system requirements, and supported file formats.

All specifications.
Measured & Proven

Precise navigation
Precise navigation for piloting, docking, ship trials, oil rig positioning, inland river barges, SPM approaches, ferry operations, oil and gas tanker approaches and docking, patrol vessels and tugboat operations.

QPS Connect Server
Qastor receives port Vessel Traffic System (VTS) information, updated ENCs, chart annotations included digital pictures, and meteorological data to include real-time information about currents, wave height, wind speed and direction from the Connect Server.

Wireless support
Wired or wireless operation is supported.

Interfaces to most devices outputting NMEA data strings and to AIS transponders/receivers.

Real-time display
Vessel speed, heading, course over ground (COG), and rate of turn (ROT).

Chart display
All popular electronic formats, including S-57, Primar, C-MAP, ARCS, and DENC.

Under-keel clearance
Under Keel Clearance (UKC) capability uses vessel draft, required safety margin, and ENC contours to show safe water.

Path prediction
Vessel path prediction for a user-defined period of time base don speed, COG, and heading.

All specifications.

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