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Qimera 2.0 Webinar

In this major release, we introduce new functionality, with a focus on cross-product features between Qinsy and Qimera: a new project dialog common across the software, a brand new Dynamic Surface file format for faster re-gridding, and a new geodetic configuration interface that brings the full power of Qinsy geodetic configuration abilities to Qimera. Qimera users can now specify vertical separation models, create complex customer geodetic transformations between coordination frames, create construction grids, and more. Also new in Qimera 2.0 is 3D Editor integration into the Slice Editor, giving reviewers a more complete picture, especially when matched with the main 4D Scene. An SVP “crossfade” helps smooth out transitions between SVP casts when using time/distance based SVP lookup strategies. We now have support for R2Sonic TruePix in our Water Column viewer, which includes point digitization for ensuring least depths over a wreck and hunting for hydrocarbon seeps on the seafloor. We have enhanced support for LiDAR users with “color by” RGB or LAS classification in the Scene and Slice Editor, and the various filters in Qimera are now compatible with LAS classification. Speaking of filters, we’ve added the Isolated Cluster Removal from the Point Cloud Library, which identifies various clusters of data independent from the seafloor and flags them for removal, resulting in enhanced data cleaning capabilities. Finally, there is a new add-on that allows users to perform refraction corrections for bathymetric points derived through Structure from Motion (SfM) from UAVs, allowing for topography and bathymetry in one pass with Qimera.


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