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Fledermaus 8 is here!

We are pleased to present you the latest version of Fledermaus, with an all new 3D Rendering Engine!

Release Notes
Fledermaus 8.5.0
August 8, 2022
248 MB

Additional Software

Fledermaus 8.5.0 - Viewer
August 8, 2022
FMGT 7.10.1
March 14, 2022
FMMW 7.9.4
July 5, 2021


Ubuntu users may need to install the libjpeg62 library if they don't already have it

Fledermaus 8.5.0 is now available!

  • New streamed point cloud object – Connect to and stream points from local or network Entwine datasets.
  • Support to show N – Point listings associated with a pipeline object.
  • Numerous profile object and cross profiling improvements – especially dynamic cross profiling.
  • Added an image object translation/reposition operation.
  • Project workflow improvements.

Fledermaus 8.4.4 is out now!

  • New batch profile creation
  • Import and export terrain mesh and solid model objects with different axis layouts
  • 3D Model objects now have a right click Transformations operation to rotate, scale, and translate models
  • Create a mesh directly from QPDs from a QPS project dock without needing to load the them in the scen
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