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Release Notes
Qastor 3.12.0
May 13, 2024
192 MB
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What's new in Qastor 3.12.0?

Tandem mooring and single point mooring functionality are now part of the Multi Vessel Position (MVP) add-on in Qastor 2.5!
  • Secondary screen
    • Opening, minimizing and closing a secondary screen
    • Add, delete or edit a predefined secondary screen
    • Range tool in the secondary screen
    • Tracking targets in the secondary screen
    • Block and unblock the CPA target in the secondary screen
  • Unit change Speed Along- and Speed Across Track
  • Trenz Sirius support
  • S-102 layer displayed with S-57 bathymetry simultaneously
  • VRM/TCPA cursor double click to activate
  • Bottom bar abbreviations explanation in the configuration menu
  • Meteo station offset display

Read more in our release notes!