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Release Notes
Qastor 3.10.0
December 19, 2023
185 MB
Qastor for phone and tablet
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What's new in Qastor 3.10.0?

Tandem mooring and single point mooring functionality are now part of the Multi Vessel Position (MVP) add-on in Qastor 2.5!
  • Restore the user interface after closing the application
  • Show past track of other targets
  • Toggle between Bow Distance Along Track (BDAT) and Distance Along Track (DAT) in the Docking screen
  • Add any meteo station from the chart to the bottom bar
  • Latitude and Longitude of cursor and ship displayed
  • Qastor closing confirmation popup screen on Windows version
  • Automatically open Voyage panel after Qastor startup
  • Speed along- and across track
  • Save dialog is shown when vessel settings change