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Latest version.

Some of the major changes in our latest version are:

- Visible route cross-track distance
- Cross-track distance alarm
- CPA presentation settings
- Hide and unhide targets
- Front-side vessel view in Voyage Menu
- Lock view functionality in replay
- Positioning device part of the name of a recording
- User-defined view setting for ROT “dead zone”
- Man Over Board function
- The astern speed with a negative number
- New design target list buttons
- Data communication output

Read more about this version in the release notes.

Release Notes
Qastor 3.8.0
July 10, 2023
196 MB
Qastor for phone and tablet
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Bug fixes & improvements.

Tandem mooring and single point mooring functionality are now part of the Multi Vessel Position (MVP) add-on in Qastor 2.5!
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