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Fledermaus 8 is here!

We are pleased to present you the latest version of Fledermaus, with an all new 3D Rendering Engine!

Release Notes
Fledermaus 8.6.1
November 7, 2023
295 MB

Additional Software

Fledermaus 8.6.1 - Viewer
November 7, 2023
FMGT 7.11.1
February 21, 2024
FMMW 7.9.5
April 1, 2024


It is recommended the new QPS Geodetics Package 4.0 be installed before Fledermaus 8.6 (as well as Qinsy 9.6 and Qimera 2.6)

FMMW 7.9.5 is out now, with Windows & Mac versions!

  • Support for dual head KMALL
  • Updated for the lastest Qinsy DB format and projects
  • Fixed transparency issues with filtering

FMGT 7.11.1 is available now, including Mac & Linux versions!

  • Improved anti-aliasing filtering
  • Fixed an issue with the cascading backscatter normalization tool color map not using the mosaic color map
  • Fixed a crash when exporting a tiled mosaic as a surface or floating point geotiff

Fledermaus 8.6.1 is out now!

  • Improvements to presentations, videos, and movie rendering
  • Cross profile updates
  • Many more bug fixes

Fledermaus 8.6.0 has been released!

  • New Tracked Objects (vessels)
  • Image Series Collection
  • Route Planner Tool
  • Dynamic Profiling

Other Notes:

  • FMGT projects created in previous versions (version 7.10.3 or earlier) will need to manually have the Adjust flag cleared to continue with new processing, such as Mosaic, Statistics / Grid, or ARA layers.
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