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Fledermaus 8 is here!

We are pleased to present you the latest version of Fledermaus, with an all new 3D Rendering Engine!

Release Notes
Fledermaus 8.2.2 - Viewer
September 17, 2020
218 MB

Supporting software

Fledermaus Viewer 8.2.2 - Viewer
September 17, 2020
FMGT 7.9.4
June 29, 2020
FMMW 7.9.2
June 29, 2020


Ubuntu users may need to install the libjpeg62 library if they don't already have it

Mac & Linux versions now available for Fledermaus 8.2.2!!

  • Separate installer for Fledermaus Viewer is available (Windows only)
  • Additional Export options for surfaces

New FMGT and FMMidwater Releases!

  • FMGT 7.9.4 includes the new Cascading Backscatter Normalization Tool
  • FMMidwater 7.9.2 improves on T50 support, and fixes several bugs
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Supporting Software

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