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Fledermaus version 8 is now available!

We’re pleased to announce that Fledermaus version 8 is now available!

The core components of the Fledermaus application have been rebuilt upon a brand new foundation that more closely integrates the product with other QPS applications, optimises the main Fledermaus functionality, while also we’ve added exciting new capabilities. Highlights include a new 3D rendering engine, integrated video player, dedicated presentation and reporting tools, 4D scene analysis using Space-Time Notes, automated flight path generation, and our new high-resolution 3D mesh creation.

Fledermaus 8 also has direct support for Qinsy and Qimera projects, and includes our new Geodetic User Interface that is now common throughout these products. Please see the release notes for more information about this update.

Existing Fledermaus users with a license that is under maintenance will be able to install and run Fledermaus 8 alongside Fledermaus 7, using the same license.

Our team is fully committed to providing you with great software solutions that can improve your workflow. If you would like to know more about our latest software update, please contact sales via the link below. We will be eager to hear from you.

If you need technical support, please register for the QPS Support Ticket System.

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