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Women In Hydrography

This year we were happy to sponsor Liz Lambert to attend CHC 2022 in Gatineau Quebec, Canada as part of our QPS Women in Hydrography Progam. This program was launched in 2018 to inspire, encourage and empower women working in hydrography.

“A few weeks have passed since the 2022 Canadian Hydrographic Conference, giving me a chance to reflect on the experience. Firstly, I would like to thank QPS for sponsoring me to attend the conference, it would not have been possible without their generous support as part of their efforts to support women in hydrography.

Heading to a big conference as an undergraduate student new to the field, I thought I would feel like an outsider, but was immediately made to feel welcome. I walked away feeling like I have made some meaningful connections with others working in hydrography, here in Canada and across the world. I was particularly drawn to the exhibitors representing the manufacturers of USVs, with that area of study being of special interest to me. While some of the scientific program was a bit out of my depth, I found the breadth of topics discussed to be fascinating, and took many notes about interesting things for me to look into further in the future.

As I am sure many others recall, attending your first conference is an overwhelming experience that is difficult to take in at the time. As time passes and I digest the experience however, I have begun to feel that those few days in Gatineau have shaped the future of my career, re-igniting the passion I have for exploration and curiousity, and sparking a whole new set of interests to explore.

A huge thanks to all the organizers for putting together a great conference, to all the other attendees for welcoming myself and all the other students into the hydrospatial community, and to QPS for supporting me to allow me to take part.”

Liz Lambert


More information about Women in Hydrography can be found here.

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