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Tideway chooses Qimera for the rock dumping vessel Seahorse.

Tideway B.V. (part of DEME) has chosen Qimera as their new multibeam processing package on board the DP2 fall-pipe vessel Seahorse.

Tideway, a long-standing Qinsy customer, expanded their processing capabilities with Qimera. This allows the crew on the Seahorse to have full control of the multibeam data that they acquire. Qimera is able to retrieve information from the initial ping of the multibeam and calculate new results. Together with its strong despiking capability and the new TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion tool, Qimera can quickly process the acquired data coming from Qinsy and provide high quality deliverables that can be used directly in their rock dumping operations.

The combination of Qinsy and Qimera is very strong; Qimera utilizes and makes all Qinsy data accessible for review or processing.

Fall-pipe vessel Seahorse

Qimera is a user friendly application which allows us to reduce the processing time. We find the 3D view within Qimera a very useful tool to determine whether data points should be rejected or not. It is also really easy to compare Sound Velocity Profiles and re-run files if needed.

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