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Rijkswaterstaat chooses Qimera processing software

Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands, have decided to upgrade their hydrographic data processing capabilities with Qimera for the processing of multibeam data.

Rijkswaterstaat will be using the software onboard their hydrographic vessels in Qimera Live mode and will do most of the processing onboard in order to reduce the turnaround time from survey to validated.

Survey vessel "Arca". Image courtesy Rijkswaterstaat.

Additionally they will use the software in an office environment in case it is required to do more data processing or advanced multibeam data analysis.

Since the introduction of Qimera in 2015 and the announcement of the “End of Life” of the Qloud product, QPS and Rijkswaterstaat have been working together to not only replace the Qloud product, but also provide Rijkswaterstaat with a more technically advanced and powerful hydrographic data processing product.  Qimera is an ideal solution for adoption—from its inception, the mission of Qimera has been to make hydrographic data processing as intuitive and as simple as possible, which helps to ease the transition for Rijkswaterstaat.  Yet still the software contains the most advanced and cutting-edge tools to ensure the highest quality data, without cluttering the workflow.  With streamlined, “hands-off” data import and processing, as well as automated data cleaning routines, rapid product turnaround is achieved, while also minimizing the amount of manual intervention required.  More advanced functions, such as the Patch Test and Wobble Tool, are available to quickly identify and resolve any errors in the multibeam and motion sensor integration.

The TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion algorithm analyses data affected by refraction in a rapid and automated manner, and provides an alternative more realistic solution.

With its ease of use combined with the advanced functionality, Qimera will enhance operational efficiency in the workflow, and QPS is pleased to be partners with Rijkswaterstaat moving forward.

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