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QPS partners with Nippon Kaiyo

We’re pleased to announce our cooperation with Nippon Kaiyo as a QPS reseller.

Nippon Kaiyo has great expertise and experience in providing support to oceanic projects, and prides themselves as strong system integrators to facilitate any offshore application. Nippon Kaiyo has particular strength in hydrographic and multibeam surveying in support of offshore energy, port construction, defense and security, and fisheries research, among many other market segments, including water environment and rescue.

Nippon Kaiyo is based in Tokyo and has a branch offices in Sasebo and Kure. They work with many major private companies and government agencies in Japan. We’re very confident that Nippon Kaiyo will bring their years of experience and well-established technical competence to enhance our products in the region.

For more about Nippon Kaiyo, please see their contact information below.


Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd.
5-13-4, Towa, Adachi-ku,
Tokyo 120-0003, JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-5613-8902


Jpn http://www.nipponkaiyo.co.jp/
Eng http://www.nipponkaiyo.co.jp/eng/

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