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QPS collaboration with Geosoft For streamlined geoscience

We're proud to announce our collaboration with Geosoft, makers of the highly popular Oasis montaj software. QPS Qinsy is already widely used as an acquisition software for geoscientists, and so this integration will allow for a seamless workflow into Oasis montaj for integrated and interactive geoscience analysis and interpretation.

Qinsy enables the simultaneous acquisition from numerous sensors, including the wide array of magnetometers commonly used for geophysical work. Exporting directly to the Geosoft GDB file will allow for seamless data flow into Oasis montaj, for an entire suite of advanced analysis tools and 3D modelling. The interoperability improves the workflow by eliminating any intermediate products or unnecessary steps in between software packages, thus adding efficiency and further streamlining operations and analysis in support of geoscience.

To learn more about Geosoft Oasis montaj, visit here: https://www.geosoft.com/products/oasis-montaj

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