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QPS collaborates with R2Sonic in the Multispectral Water Column Challenge

We’re proud to announce our collaboration with R2Sonic, LLC in the Multispectral Water Column Challenge. Together with R2Sonic we’re pushing the boundaries of innovation in the hydrographic industry. QPS software packages Qinsy and Qimera have been used to collect accurate, clean data at different frequencies.

In 2017, R2Sonic launched the first R2Sonic Multispectral Challenge. Timo Gaida from Delft University of Technology was awarded the first place with his remarkable white paper. This year, R2Sonic launches the R2Sonic Multispectral Water Column Challenge. In collaboration with four universities (NAU, NSCC, USM and TU Delft) various samples of data have been collected and made available for your research. While the first challenge focused on seafloor discrimination capabilities, the purpose of this year’s challenge is to expand these capabilities to the water column. For more information or to enter the Multispectral Water Column challenge please click here.

About R2Sonic LLC

R2Sonic was founded in February 2006, pioneering multibeam system technology. In 2009, R2Sonic introduced the world’s first wideband/broadband multibeam echosounder. The many innovations that are incorporated into the system resulted in numerous industry firsts. Today, R2Sonic’s wideband multibeam echosounders represent the latest in advanced modern sonar system design and architecture. Please click here if you would like to know more about R2Sonic.

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