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QPS and GISGRO software integration enables new ways to utilize hydrographic survey data

Leading maritime software company QPS and GISGRO, an online platform by a Finnish high-tech company VRT Finland, have joined forces to enhance the utilization of hydrographic data. Integration of the two software in March 2020 provides hydrographic surveyors an easy way to share the complex 3D data to their clients, who can gain major benefits by further sharing and utilizing the data in their daily operations.

Digital 3D modelling has reached the underwater world, for example in forms of seabed scanning for safe navigation and scanning of underwater structures for maintenance purposes. Constantly growing amount of digital hydrographic data increases a demand for easy ways for data management in the cloud.

QPS software for surveyors covers the whole workflow of a hydrographic survey project. GISGRO online platform complements the workflow by offering a cloud solution, which is for the surveyors an easy online way to report the survey results and deliver 3D data to their clients.

After processing of survey data in QPS software, the surveyor can now directly transfer the data to GISGRO platform, where online visualizing, reporting, and sharing of the data is quick and easy. It is estimated that with GISGRO the reporting time is 60 % shorter compared to traditional reporting methods. Integration between QPS software and GISGRO allows a majority of hydrographic surveyors to gain these benefits.

“Collaboration between VRT and QPS is a great example on how combining expertise of two companies can revolutionize the way of using 3D data. QPS has an extensive knowledge in 3D data gathering and processing. GISGRO’s competence is in delivery, management, and utilization of 3D data. Together QPS software and GISGRO online platform create a whole new service model, which improves customer experience and lengthens the lifecycle of 3D data”, says VRT’s CEO Kirsi Hänninen.

“At QPS we’re continuously working to improve our software solutions for our international client base in the hydrographic survey industry. Therefore, QPS is delighted to be partnering with VRT’s online platform, GISGRO to maximize the delivery, management and utilization of 3D data. This partnership highlights our commitment to developing software packages that require the client needs”, says Managing Director Almar Hollaar.

About GISGRO / VRT Finland

GISGRO online platform provided by VRT Finland is the easy way to manage and operate physical assets digitally in order to save time and ensure efficient usage of the assets. With GISGRO, all asset data is in one place, in a visual 3D format, where everyone can access it anytime. VRT Finland is a high-tech growth company based in Jyväskylä, Finland. VRT is founded in 2010 with a mission to break the limits of the physical world in order to enhance more efficient and sustainable use of assets.

More information at: www.gisgro.com / www.vrt.fi


Kirsi Hänninen
+358 44 031 0760 / kirsi.hanninen@vrt.fi


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