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Qastor™ Version 2.50.2019.07.17.1 is now available!

Our latest Qastor™ Version 2.50.2019.07.17.1  is now available for download on the QPS website .

This release incorporates vessel dimensions that can be set in Qastor to meters or feet in the Unit settings and new CSV exports have been added to the Multiple Route Converter module. Additionally, we made several improvements and bug fixes in this release.
For more information about this update, please see the release notes.
The Qastor team is fully committed to providing you with great support and updates. If your Qastor support contract has expired, which means you are no longer eligible for the latest software download, please email sales@qps.nl or sales@qps-us.com who will be able to assist.


Technical Support
If you need technical support, please register for the QPS Support Ticket System here:
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