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Partners with Chesapeake Technology

QPS is pleased to announce our collaboration with Chesapeake Technology, Inc. A new streamlined workflow will be available between Qinsy and Sonarwiz. In this way our mutual users are getting the best from QPS, the industry leader in survey acquisition and navigation, and from Chesapeake Technology, the industry leading software for side scan data processing and analysis.

The core strength of Qinsy is in systems integration and the simultaneous acquisition from numerous sensors, which includes side scan sonar. The recorded DB file from Qinsy can be directly imported into SonarWiz, offering industry leading tools for side scan mosaicking, target detection, and contact reporting. The integration offers our mutual customers a streamlined workflow from data acquisition through processing, and analysis of side scan sonar data, while leveraging the best-in-class tools available with each program.

The work that was done in partnership offers great opportunities in the future for both companies for continued cooperation moving forward.

For more about Chesapeake Technology, please visit: https://chesapeaketech.com/

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