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Ocean Bottle Partnership

QPS is proud to announce our partnership with the Ocean Bottle.

The Ocean Bottle has a great story, and their mission is one we’re excited to share.

As we look towards a more sustainable future, we seek to play our part in helping to eliminate plastic from the ocean and rivers. We hope that in supporting the OCEAN BOTTLE company and sharing our QPS branded Ocean Bottles with clients and partners, we can play our part in helping to eliminate ocean-bound plastic, as well as helping people pass on single-use plastic.

Every Ocean Bottle sold will fund the collection of 11.4 kg of ocean-bound plastic. That equates to over 1000 plastic bottles in weight. In addition, the Ocean Bottle company will fund the collection of an extra 10 plastic bottles with every picture and tag #oceanbottle or @oceanbottle, so please start sharing pictures of your bottle today. Please click here to learn more about their sustainable message.

QPS will also give-away an ocean bottle to every QPS software trainee (this will not apply in the remote trainings). Register today and receive one of these amazing colourful Ocean Bottles while you’re optimising your software skills.

Would you like to know more about the OCEAN BOTTLE company, please click here.


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