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New releases of Qinsy 9.4, Qimera 2.4 and Fledermaus 8.4

Announcing a new joint release of Qinsy 9.4, Qimera 2.4 and Fledermaus 8.4!

Qinsy 9.4 – New abilities to swap between tide sensors smoothly as part of computations, improvements to single beam support. Read more here.

Qimera 2.4 – New product offering: Qimera Offshore for cable/pipe related projects. Do TOP detection and X-Point listings, with some early analytical tools also. Click here for the release notes.

Fledermaus 8.4 – Improvements for profiling and cross-profiling as well as improved support for geographic data sets to ease transitions for Fledermaus 7 users. Learn more here.

Feel free to reach out to our team on info@qps.nl

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