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GEOxyz and QPS sign 3 year contract

GEOxyz have signed a 3-year contract with QPS. GEOxyz will be using Qinsy and Qimera for all their hydrographic and geophysical projects. The signing of the contract commits GEOxyz and QPS to work together to improve the GEOxyz workflow and to make it more efficient.

The software tools that GEOxyz will be using will encompass multibeam bathymetry and multibeam backscatter acquisition, as well as side scan sonar and magnetometer acquisition, all using Qinsy. Multibeam bathymetry and backscatter data will be processed using Qimera. Extra tools like the TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion, Wobble tool and the Automatic Height Matching are the tools that will reduce the processing time of the data.

A large majority of the GEOxyz work is for the offshore wind industry for maintanence and construction of various wind farms in the North Sea and other areas globally. For these kinds of projects, the geophysical aspect is very important next to the hydrographic aspect. Backscatter data acquisition and processing as well as magnetometer data acquisition are key elements, which is one of the reasons GEOxyz has chosen a long-term contract with QPS, as these are the capabilities that GEOxyz requires.

QPS strives to be more than just a software supplier to GEOxyz. QPS sees this as an opportunity to build a very strong and long-lasting relationship, in which training of the GEOxyz staff is an important element. QPS aims to have their support staff onboard the GEOxyz vessels to see first- hand their current workflows and whether QPS support staff can make adjustments to improve the workflow.

GEOxyz has used the QPS software since the very early days, about 20 years ago. Due to recent developments in client demands and software developments, it was time to analyze all acquisition and processing procedures, including the used software, and evaluate efficiency and quality of the products. With the 3 year contract, GEOxyz is building more stability in the offshore activities, and with some extra training from QPS, the software will be used to the best of the abilities.

Lieselot Noppe
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