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CoVadem chooses QPS For bENC production

CoVadem offers innovative and cooperative depth information services for inland shipping and has selected QPS for the production of bathymetric maps (bENC)

Deploying its smart network of vessels sharing real time echosounder data, CoVadem’s service provides real time insights on the available water depths. By combining this innovative new and additional source of data with external data, CoVadem also provides predictions on the available water depths up to 6 days ahead. CoVadem’s services allow for cargo optimisation, optimised efficiency and increased safety, as well as a significant contribution to todays’ climate challenges.

In addition to CoVadem’s online service platform, Covadem will be producing and providing bathymetric ENCs, or bENCs that will be used with the inland ECDIS system. This enables vessel owners to better see where it is save and not save to sail. This is possible due to the high detailed ENCs with depth contours every 10 cm. The inland ECDIS system is able to combine the real time water level with the nearest safe depth contour, and thus showing safe and unsafe waters.

With QPS, CoVadem maintains a firm grip on the interpretation of data and the production of chart data, allowing to constantly improve and assure information quality.

Meeuwis van Wirdum, CEO

About CoVadem:

CoVadem is an Amsterdam based Start-Up interconnecting vessel data in order to enhance performance of (inland) shipping by providing smart hands-on insights in available loading water depths and both performance and sustainability metrics, related to a vessels’ operational conditions. CoVadem relies on implementing both advanced big data technologies and its strong ties with the shipping industry. Services are being provided both on a SaaS base and as tailored solutions. CoVadem co-operates with both market partners and state of the art research institutes to constantly improve underlying technology. More information can be found through www.covadem.com or info@covadem.com .

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