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We’re proud to announce our latest Qinsy 9.1, Qimera 2.1 and Fledermaus 8.1 versions. These releases will provide you with an array of integration options!

Qinsy 9.1 newest features entail the new online wingline creation, an auto recording option and Qinsy users have now access to the patch test in Qimera for free. Please click here for the release notes.

Qimera 2.1 releases major improvements to the patch test, including laser calibration and a free patch test mode for Qinsy users. Click here to read the release notes.

Fledermaus 8.1 includes speed improvements to terrain mesh creation, higher resolution movie output, and the new Fledermaus Free Viewer. Check out the release notes here.

Our team is fully committed to providing you with great software solutions. If you would like to know more about our latest software updates, please contact sales. We will be eager to hear from you. Please note, in order to use Qinsy version 9.1 an upgrade to the license is needed. Please also contact sales to obtain a new license.

If you need technical support, please register for the QPS Support Ticket System here.


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