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Behind the Software

Nicole Caissie - Technical Support and Professional Services

Meet one of our amazing team members of the Technical Support team!

How did you end up at QPS?

As a student in my 4th year of Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering at UNB, QPS came in and presented about their software capabilities. Familiar with Qimera in the course, I was immediately drawn in.

The mix offered between working in the office and traveling to the most unique and distant locations made me apply for an internship. And.. I got in, even while having no Hydrographic experience whatsoever. So I started as a Summer Intern, and worked part time during my 5th year of University. After graduation I started full time in the Technical Support team.

What is your function?

I do professional services and do both remote and in-person training sessions. In addition, I get a variety of offshore processing jobs and remote processing jobs. I am also on the other end of the phone line and behind the sceen of our JIRA Support Ticket System answering questions and investigating software bugs reported by our users.

What is the best part of your job?

I absolutely love that everyday at QPS is completely different. We are working with users all over the world and on all types of projects. “We get our hands on all types of data, hardware, and vessel set ups. It keeps things interesting!”.

In this team I get to see places that I would never get the chance to see working anywhere else! Whether it is a Bathymetry grid of a spot on the seafloor 5km deep, that has likely never been visualized before, dolphins swimming and jumping along with the vessel, or the rocky coastline of Norway as the sunrises in the distance!

Fun fact about me!

In my spare time, I can be found camping and hiking, or exploring the Canadian woods with my boyfriend, and his dog, Ruger. I also have an orange cat named Timothy, which you may have seen in a previous QPS LinkedIn post. He likes looking at fish in the Water Column using Qimera!

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