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Qinsy, Qimera & Fledermaus


  • Details:
  • 2 - 6 December
  • Fredericton, Canada

This 5 day training curriculum is for the Qinsy, Qimera and Fledermaus workflows and will be held at the QPS office in Fredericton, Canada.

The focus of the training is on Multibeam bathymetry, using Qinsy to set up a system to go online, using Qimera to process your bathymetry data and using Fledermaus to process backscatter, watercolumn and create products.

Objective Day 1:

  • Introduction to QPS
  • Qinsy introduction – User Interface and modules
  • Qinsy Setting up a Template Database
  • Qinsy Line Planning
  • Qinsy Online; Displays & Online QC

Objective Day 2:

  • Qinsy survey preparation
    • Reference files
    • Design files
  • Qinsy Refresh of DB setup and Online displays
  • Qinsy Online Data Storage
  • Qinsy Generic input and output drivers
  • Qinsy Online Computations
  • Qinsy Survey Manager

Objective Day 3:

  • Qimera Introduction
  • Qimera Patch Test
  • Qimera Clean

Objective Day 4:

  • Qimera Processing
  • Qimera Midwater
  • Fledermaus (Backscatter) – FMGT

Objective Day 5:

  • Fledermaus Introduction
  • Fledermaus tools and utilities
  • Fledermaus create movies


A computer, software and software licences.
We also provide lunch (please advise dietary requirements)

For booking and info

Training course dates:
December 2 – December 6, 2019

Use the button below to send an email or
reach out to us via phone: 1 (833) 243-8777

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