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Acoustic Imaging – QPS Ship to Shore Solutions Workshop

  • Details:
  • 24 - 27 September
  • UTC+08:00
  • Perth, Australia

Acoustic Imaging is pleased to announce a Regional Training Workshop to be held at The Sebel Residence, East Perth, on September the 24-27, 2019.

The focus of this workshop will be on the comprehensive workflow offered by the QPS products Qinsy, Qimera, Fledermaus, Qarto, and Qastor. The latest software improvements for each product (Qinsy for acquisition and online QC, Qimera for bathymetry and water column processing, and Qarto for chart generation / updating) will be demonstrated.
The courses offered will be hands-on exercises overseen by certified QPS training personnel. The latest updates associated with Qinsy 9, Qimera 2, Qarto 3, and Qastor 2.5 will be shown along with the integrated nature of all the products to make data pass-through as efficient as possible.

Join us for a day covering the subject of interest or the entire week.

• Sept 24: Qinsy 9 and Data Acquisition (including multi-platform programs).
• Sept 25: Qimera 2 Data Processing Basics.
• Sept 26: Qimera 2 Data Processing Advanced + Backscatter + Water Column.
• Sept 27: Electronic Bathymetric Charting (Qarto) and Pilot Operations (Qastor)

The workshop presents an opportunity to discuss issues affecting your operations with expert users in the field.
Cost for the workshop will be:

• QPS Clients under current Maintenance Agreement: $100 AUD / day / person.
• QPS Clients with expired Maintenance or New Clients: $150 AUD / day / person

Cost includes training material, training dongles, and training data sets. Attendees are expected to provide their own laptops.


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